Mother & Daughter 2

I normally work in the evening after my husband comes back from work and he can look after our little boy.

But this lady booked two mornings in a row for her nails and her daughter’s arranging one of them to look after my boy while the other ‘s getting her nails done. How good!!

Thank you so much for taking care of my boy, he is a lucky thing!

I did the daughter’s nails first.

Base – Soak Off Gel Nails (Black  & Silver Glitter) … $40.00

Art (Star $1 each x 2 Fingers) … $2.00

TOTAL – $42.00

(Extension (Tip Overlay x 1Finger) … $2.00) *She had one short nail.


This is the mother’s .

(This is an infill service from   Midnight Blue Nails.) 

Infill …$25.00

Polish Colouring … $5.00

Art (Flower $1.50 each x 4 Fingers) … $6.00

TOTAL – $36.00


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