Zebra French Nails

It’s easy to make your french nails different with just adding some paint art.


Base – Acrylic French on Natural Nail Overlay (No Extension) … $35.00

Art (Zebra Pattern x10 Fingers $8, Gold Glitter Line x 10 Fingers $4, Big Diamante $1 each x 2 Fingers) … $14.00

TOTAL – $49.00


Baby Pink Gel Nails & Toes

IBD soak off gels don’t have this creamy baby pink colour, so I mixed strong pink and white gel to create this colour.

The nails looked very cute.


Base – Soak Off Gel Nails (Baby Pink) … $30.00

Art (Diamantes x 2 Fingers) … $5.00

TOTAL – $35.00



Base – Soak Off Gel Toes (Baby Pink) … $25.00

Art (Deamantes x 2 Toes) … $7.00

TOTAL – $32.00

Short Shorts Pink Toes


I love my polishes. I love OPI, Essie and Zoya.

I have been waiting for getting this polish for half year!!

It was always out of stock, and finally I got one now!

 Essie #653 Short Shorts

This polish is very vivid fluorescent pink.

Young girls are gonna love it! This colour stand out crazy!

(This photo doesn’t show the real colour, it looks warmer and much vivider!!)

Buff & Polish (Toes) … $10.00

TOTAL – $10.00