Cafe Nails

Do you feel like a cup of beautiful coffee?

This golden coffee colour makes you feel really warm. It’s good in Winter.


Base – Natural Full Set … $40.00

Polish Colouring …$3.00

Extra Colouring …$2.00

TOTAL – $45.00


French Polish

Can you believe that! It’s not acrylic french full set, it’s just french polish.

She has great shaped natural nails!


Buff & Polish (French) … $15.00

Art (Silver Line & Diamante $0.90 each x 2 Fingers) … $1.80

TOTAL – $16.80

Infill (Polka Dot French)

You can add some more blink when you infill your nails. 

(This is an infill service from Polka Dot French 1 Polka Dot French.)

Adding mirror shiny silver dot films on all along the smile line, you can make your nails funkier also hide the yellow lines (growth parts of your nails), as well as you can keep the design longer!

Polka Dot Infill 1

Polka Dot Infill 2

Infill … $25.00

Art (Silver Dot Films x 10 Fingers) … $8.00

TOTAL – $33.00

Polka Dot French

Polka Dots!

It was a lot of fun to create this design!

* thumbs, middle fingers, pinkies – black dots on white base

* forefingers – white dots on black base

* right ring finger – black dots on red base

* left ring finger – black dots on silver base with  a love heart

Polka Dot French 2

Polka Dot French 1

Base – Polka Dot French … $65.00

Art (love heart) … $2.50

TOTAL – $67.50

Pure Rose Nails

The Base design of these nails was gradient french with a lot of glitter.

She is on holiday and going to Japan soon. Hope she is having nice time over there with thses pretty nails!

Pure Rose Nails 2

Pure Rose Nails 1

Base – Gradient French with Glitter … $55.00

Art (Rose Art $4 each x 4 Fingers) … $16.00

TOTAL – $71.00

New Start

My old blog is gone! (They closed the business!)

So I have just started new blog here on WordPress.

This is Lunar House Nails.

It’s a cozy little home salon for nail services in Upper Coomera, Gold Coast.

Room 1

Sugar Bee 2


Hello to all.

This blog is a confession of a nail technician!