Elegant Gradient White Gel Nails

This lady came to Gold Coast from Japan. I am sure that she had a great holiday here staying at her friends’ place.

Base – Soak Off Gel Nails (Gradient White with Glitter) … $40.00

Art (Flower $1.5, Diamante Art $1.5 each x 2 Fingers) … $4.50

TOTAL – $44.50


Achromatic Coloured Stylish Gel Nails

She found this design from some website, and wanted to wear the same nails. So I made them as similar  to the original design as possible with my materials.

Base – Soak Off Gel Nails (High French / Pearl White, Black, Silver, Black & Gray) … $43.00

Art (Silver Lines x 10Fingers $5, Round Film Art $1 each x 6 Fingers) … $11.00

TOTAL – $54.00

For My Son…

My son is three and half years old.

He likes nail art.

I tried my best to do this but it was hard to work on his tiny fidgeting fingers. He never sits still!!

Anyway, he looked happy.

… and what made him so happy with those nails was he can get attentions from girls at his kindy!!


Colourful Tropical Gel Nails & toes

It has been soooo hot for the last 2 days in Gold Coast!!


Base – Soak Off Gel Nails (Colourful Glitter) … $45.00

Art (Dot Films x 10 Fingers $10, Flower $3 each x 2 Fingers) … $16.00

TOTAL – $61.00


Base – Soak Off Gel Toes (Colourful Glitter) … $40.00

Art (Dot Films x 10 Toes $8, Flower $3 each x 2 Toes) … $14.00

TOTAL – $54.00