Black & Silver Stylish French

This lady wanted to add some black to make her french nails look more stylish.

So I improvised this design. She loved it 🙂

Base – Permanent French …$50.00

Art (Paint & Diamante $1.50 each x 10 Fingers) $15.00

TOTAL – $65.00


Gel French with Pink Dots

I like thoses dot films on the smile line. They make french nails so cute.

Base – Soak Off Gel Nails (French) … $35.00

Art (Fusha Dot Films x 9 Fingers … $7.20, Rose Art … $2.50) … $9.70

TOTAL – $44.70

Pink Gel Toes with Bows

Lunar House Nails has started new service.


It is like a polish but doesn’t chip, but it has lots more design variation.

No harsh filing, easy on nails 😉


Any way, they were very cute gel toes.

With some pink shells and confetti, they were glittering a lot!

Pink Gel Toes with Ribbons & Shell Flakes 1

Pink Gel Toes with Ribbons & Shell Flakes 2

Pink Gel Toes with Ribbons & Shell Flakes 3

Base – Soak Off Gel Toes (Pink Gel Polish &  Shells, Confetti) … $35.00

Art (Bow $1.5 each x 2 Toes) … $3.00

TOTAL – $38.00

Midnight Blue Nails

This lady is attending her friend’s wedding tomorrow.

She wanted to have matching nails with her dress.

Dress1  Dress2

So, I made some sample design tips would match with this beautiful dress.

Blue Tips

Then, the result was …


Midnight Blue Nails 1

Midnight Blue Nails 2

Midnight Blue Nails 4

Base – Acrilyc Glitter & Silver Confetti on Natural Nails… $45.00

Art (Rose Art $3 each x 2 Fingers) … $6.00

TOTAL – $51.00